"From ideation to cash generation"


First it was “What if?”. Then we asked “Why not?”.
That’s how ideas turn to innovations.

Innovationplus is an incubator organisation which enables ideas  to be refined and developed into well designed innovations, business models and profitable businesses in the form of independent companies.

Innovationplus is at the moment working on several new ideas, concepts and innovations. Currently Innovationplus manages a portfolio of six technologies: Rakkatec, Nextbase, Radolf, Nextfloor,  Aavaa and Hopehub.



Nextbase - makes the world float

Nextbase provides the market with modular floating structure concepts and technologies. Nextbase solutions are based on company’s patented technology and provide customers with intelligent platforms that can be set-up cost-efficiently anywhere in the world in a short response time.

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Nextfloor - brings technology to living spaces

Nextfloor helps you to bring sensoring systems and utility connections exactly where you need them without costly construction work and permanent structures.

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Rakkatec - autonomous all terrain vehicle

Rakkatec is a forerunner in unmanned ground vehicles since 1999. Rakkatec is specialized in rough terrain vehicles and developing autonomous task handling systems. Current Rakkatec vehicles are in use in homeland security and various commercial segments.

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Aavaa - autonomous cargo handling systems

Aavaa focuses on autonomous cargo handling systems. Technology can be utilized in several end use areas. The current focus is on autonomous container handling in sea transportation and autonomous delivery truck systems.

HopeHub - humanitarian aid solutions

Hopehub is developing technology solutions to solve the global sanitation problems. Hopehub brings socially accepted spaces to refugee camps which can be used as hubs for sanitation, NGO's, heathcare stations and commercial space for local small business activity.

RadOlf - neutron detection system

RadOlf is a  world-leading semiconductor based neutron detection technology providing solutions for homeland security and nuclear power applications.

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